Deland, Florida- Ever wonder if someone is spying on you with a hidden camera? Well we have some advice on how to protect your children and yourself.

33 year old Joshua Waguespack is accused of secretly recording two students getting undressed. Investigators say the Catholic school teacher, planted pen cameras in his storage closet, where kids would change their clothes, “Does it surprise you at all? No it’s easily accessible.” Jonathan Gulsby is manager of the U Spy Store in Orlando…He says there’s equipment you can use to protect your kids, as well as yourself from being secretly recorded. It ranges from $125 to $200, “We sell a good bit of counter surveillance equipment because people are concerned they’re being taped.”

The so called “Spy Finder” can detect small cameras, like pen cams, that often record on an SD card, “We do have devices that will detect lenses for hidden cams or anything that has a lens. You can shoot off this view finder and this shoots off some l-e-d-s and it reflects off a certain way. There will be a little red light you will be able o detect if there is a camera.”

And for wireless devices you can use this transmitter, “If its’ transmitting you have RF transmitters, radio frequency transmitters that you can use. When you get near the wireless camera, this device will spike and you’ll be able to detect if it’s setting off a radio frequency.”

Experts say it’s important to recognize what hidden cameras look like. They come in all different shapes and even very small sizes, “This little camcorder that can be planted in a wall. This little smiley face that has a little button. The pen cameras are all the same, the lens is mounted above the clip it’s made to be worn in the pocket.” Knowing what to look for is half the battle, “It doesn’t take much research to know what to look for.”

Experts say you should also be aware of how a brand name on items like clocks are spelled. If it’s incorrect, there’s most likely a hidden camera inside. Because it’s behind tint, a detector will not pick up the lens.

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