CHARLOTTE, N.C. Nov 17 2013-Biggs Camera off of South Kings Drive is in the business of capturing memories.

“We have everybody from the professional photographer who comes in looking for camera equipment to moms wanting to get pictures and video of their kids,” said store employee Troy Tomlinson.

But right now, they are trying to catch some crooks who broke into the store early Sunday morning and stole expensive equipment.

“Right about $50,000. Maybe a little bit more,” said Tomlinson.

The burglars could tell they weren’t going to be able to get in through the front door with this security gate up, sealed with a lock, so they went to the side of the building.

“They took a sledgehammer and took off the dead bolt here and took a pry bar to open the door,” said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson said some men were heard on surveillance audio ransacking the cases.

“There were several men speaking Spanish,” he said.

His guess is the thieves may try to resell the equipment and that is why the store turned to Facebook on Sunday to try to catch them.

“Our customers are our friends and family,” he said, “We figured we’d get it out there and get it on the Internet so people could see if there is something on Craigslist or if something is advertised in the paper.”

The store has serial numbers for the equipment which could help track it down if the equipment is found.

Police said they have the burglars’ fingerprints.

Tomlinson hopes all of that combined will lead to some arrests.

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