The Jonathan Law School Resource Officer was cited for his courageous actions during the stabbing death of Maren Sanchez at the school.

Jonathan Law School Resource Officer James Kiely has received a national award for the courageous and brave actions he displayed on April 25, 2014, which is the day Maren Sanchez, 16, was fatally stabbed at the school by a fellow classmate.

Kiely was on duty at the time of the incident, and helped take the suspect into custody.

According to the Milford Board of Police Commissioners meeting minutes, the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) – acknowledging and congratulating Officer James Kiely as the NASRO recipient of the National Award of Valor for his courageous actions and bravery on 4/25/14 at Jonathan Law High School, noting the award will be presented at the NASRO Conference in Orlando, Florida in July.

Police Chief Keith Mello also shared the letter of recommendation sent by Gianni Ragaini, Dean of Students at Jonathan Law which nominated Officer Kiely for this award.

The letter commended Officer Kiely’s action on 4/25/14 and the many days and weeks which followed. It also noted that Officer Kiely is of value to the student body and staff as he continues to be a respected role model, friend, counselor and confidante to the students and staff.

Chief Mello stated he and Officer Kiely’s fellow officers are proud of him and congratulate him for being awarded this honor and will work together as a department to see that he is able to travel to Orlando to accept the award.

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