There are more than 150 new Illinois laws going into effect in the new year.

Among those laws:

-Bosses will no longer be able to demand access to employee’s social media accounts.

-Parents who allow underage drinking will face stricter penalties — not only at their home, but also on property under their control, like a boathouse, cabin or barn.

-Illinois residents will no longer be able to possess, sell, trade or try to sell a shark fin.

-Relatives who help a fugitive run from police will face criminal charges. Until now, they have been exempt from prosecution.

There are several changes to the state’s firearms owner identification program. Anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, and those found to be mentally ill will not be issued FOID cards, or they will have their cards revoked.

For a full list of new laws, download the PDF below courtesy of Illinois Senate President John Cullerton:

New Illinois Laws for 2013

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