MANHATTAN (CN) – A hidden sexual relationship with a confidential informant to whom he gave confidential FBI reports has an FBI agent facing years in federal prison. A federal jury on Tuesday convicted Adrian Busby of four counts of making false statements in the tangled affair. Busby, 37, faces up to 5 years in prison for each count.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Busby’s troubles began in early 2008, when he signed up as a confidential source a woman who was being prosecuted for identity theft. Busby, who worked in the FBI’s New York office, told the agency that she was not the subject of any investigation, but “in truth, mere days before making this representation on the form, Busby had called both the lead NYPD detective and the Queens Assistant D.A. investigating the identity theft case to try to convince them to halt their investigation of the Confidential Source,” prosecutors said in a statement.

The woman was indicted on felony charges anyway, and Busby began a sexual affair with her, prosecutors said. Their statement continues: “As she began preparing for her trial, Busby assisted with her defense, in violation of FBI rules. For example, Busby supplied the Confidential Source and her defense attorney with copies of confidential FBI and Internal Revenue Service reports of interviews he and other agents had conducted as part of a separate federal mortgage fraud investigation. He also supplied the Confidential Source and her attorney with secret information gathered pursuant to federal grand jury subpoenas. In addition, he unsuccessfully lobbied his supervisor and an Assistant U.S. Attorney in another office for permission to testify on the Confidential Source’s behalf at her trial. He also repeatedly asked the Assistant U.S. Attorney to ask the Queens Assistant D.A. to dismiss the case against her. After the Confidential Source was convicted at trial, Busby called up the main witness who had testified against her, and insisted that the witness submit to an interview with him at his FBI offices.”

Busby later denied doing all this, and also denied his sexual relationship with the woman, but as the Justice Department investigated, he “claimed that he had not known the Confidential Source was under investigation when he signed her up, and that he did not begin any sexual relationship with her until after she was no longer an FBI source,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

He was convicted of lying to the FBI on the form opening the confidential source; lying to the FBI about whether he had intentionally given FBI reports to the confidential source’s attorney; lying to Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General about whether he knew the confidential source was under investigation when he signed her up as a source; and lying to DOJ-OIG about whether he had intentionally given the FBI reports to her attorney.