Private Investigators are called upon to conduct an asset investigation for a variety of reasons including ongoing litigation, divorce matters, leverage during the course of negotiations or to see if a case is worth filing. More often than not, private investigators do not have the legal authority to access information such as bank accounts or investment accounts and must use alternative (and often creative) means to identify assets.

There are variety of methods and sources that an investigator can utilize to conduct a comprehensive asset investigation to legally uncover asset information through open sources and public records.

On Q Professional Investigations have successfully conducted asset searches in matrimonial, litigation matters and fraud cases. Our searches include a variety of databases, public record searches and are designed to give an overview of the following areas: Real Property Deed Transfers, Vehicles, Watercraft and Aircraft Ownership, Bankruptcy Filings, Corporate-Business Affiliation and State and Federal Civil Suits.

Cases Handled:

  • Assets
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil
  • Corporation
  • Criminal
  • Financial
  • Judgments
  • Marital Cases
  • UCC Filing