A criminal arrest can impair your life in many ways. Employer background checks are more popular than ever, so expungements and sealing are now more important than ever. Unfortunately, every time a person is arrested and fingerprinted, a criminal record is created, and under Illinois law that information is public record, unless it is sealed or expunged (that’s where ONQPI comes in…) Let ONQPI’s Illinois Criminal Expungement and Sealing Department help you rebuild your life today.

If you have been arrested, charged or prosecuted, your felony or misdemeanor criminal record is part of the public eye which can be viewed by anyone. Your current employer, potential employer and anyone seeking information about you all have access to public records. If you have an arrest on the books, it is available to them, even if the case was dismissed or you were placed on court supervision or told the case would not be on your record by the judge or another attorney.

The process of getting your record expunged or sealed can be overwhelming and difficult. It takes time to obtain an Expungement Order from the court. Furthermore, Illinois expungement and sealing laws are very complicated and can be very confusing for most. However don’t let your background haunt you forever. Expunge or seal your record as soon as possible.

ONQPI can help you put the pass behind you for good and get your record expunged or sealed. ONQPI specialist will review the information provided and inform you whether you qualify to expunge or seal your record.

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