On Q Professional Investigations (ONQPI) Data Forensic Solution Center, provides expert computer forensic services to law firms and businesses throughout Illinois. We work with our clients from case inception, providing consultation as to best practices and procedures for data acquisition, to the matter’s conclusion, providing clear and concise expert testimony in court as necessary. If your case involves theft of intellectual property, employee misconduct and copyright infringement etc. ONQPI can help! ONQPI computer forensics investigators are highly trained to locate, preserve, analyze and report on digital evidence.

    Computer Forensics – Services Offered

  • forensic imaging of hard drives, USB drives, cell phones, and other digital media
  • off-site acquisition of data through network access
  • examination of drives for evidence using specialized forensic software
  • document and file recovery, including deleted files
  • analysis of electronic mail
  • analysis of USB device use
  • findings reported in both written and electronic reports with attached supporting data
  • experienced testimony
  • cell phone forensics and data recovery (SMS text messages, MMS, voice mail, email and call logs)
  • How We Differ

    Being comprised of talented experts with depth and breadth of experiences, ONQPI is able to efficiently produce results. As experienced investigators, we understand how to conduct an examination of a drive that is essentially an “investigation” of the drive designed to focus on relevant evidentiary findings. ONQPI understand the underlying issues of the cases we work on and know what will be useful and what is irrelevant. Rather than a mere “data dump” of information, we provide plain-English reports with easy to navigate discs of electronic evidence.

    e-Discovery – Services Offered

    ONQPI provides comprehensive e-Discovery resources to efficiently manage any project. We are committed to delivering exceptional results through unmatched capabilities and expertise.

    ONQPI is not just another e-Discovery “vendor” that ingests and spits out data. ONQPI is with you every step of the way to provide advice, guidance, and support. We provide intelligent integration that allows us to work seamlessly with client legal teams. Let us assist you with discovery orders, search terms, and review protocols so that your team can focus on winning your case.

    While our purpose is to provide consultation and guidance throughout your case, we can also execute the plan you develop. Our technology professionals can provide on-site, remote, or targeted collection of your data. Case Managers will then process your data, help you select the right review tool, and work with you to organize your review database. Our licensed investigators can help you cull down data and review for relevance, subject matter, or privilege. Once you decide what to produce, our team will prepare productions based on your specifications.

    ONQPI is made up of experienced investigators, case managers, and IT professionals who understand the litigation process and how discovery fits in. When you partner with ONQPI you are immediately assigned a Case Manager who will guide you through the e-Discovery process, manage timelines, and coordinate resources for each of your projects.

    Mobile Forensics – Services Provided

    Smart Phones can leave behind an indisputable digital trail. ONQPI can help you recover this potentially valuable Electronically Stored Information (ESI), and use it to produce a compelling digital time-line of user behavior. Depending on the make, model, and usage of the device in question we are often able to retrieve deleted data and call logs. ONQPI is experienced in cases involving the complexities of modern technology. Mobile device data recovery and forensic analysis is particularly challenging due to the proliferation of new models on a monthly basis. ONQPI utilize a variety of hardware and software tools both of which require regular upgrades to bring you the most reliable and detailed result.

  • Detailed Call Records
  • Contact Names & Numbers
  • Text & MMS Messages
  • Multi Media Video & Audio
  • Digital Pictures
  • Email Address
  • Caller ID
  • Regulations Demand You Get it Right. Consider these regulations and the impact they have on your legal requirement to seek out the facts, locate relevant evidence, and demonstrate a timely and appropriate response.

  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • HITECH Act
  • Dodd-Frank
  • SEC Cyber-Disclosure
  • FCPA
  • Federal Rules for Electronic Discovery
    iOS Devices Forensic Analysis

    On Q Professional Investigations (ONQPI) Data Forensic Solution Center can perform a complete forensic acquisition of user data stored in iPhone/iPad/iPod devices running any version of iOS.

    General user activity data

  • Phonebook with assigned photos
  • Calendar events and notes
  • Calls log (facetime, dialed, received and missed calls)
  • Messages (SMS/MMS, iMessages, e-mails)
  • Camera snapshots, video and music
  • Voice mail
  • Passwords
  • Dictionaries
  • Deleted data

  • Calls and messages
  • Email messages (for JB devices)
  • Email accounts
  • Photo thumbnails
  • Contact photos
  • Applications databases
  • Any SQLite database
  • Applications data

  • Factory or operator preinstalled
  • 3rd party apps installed by user
  • Messengers, Social Networking, Productivity, Multimedia, Navigation and more
  • Deleted data recovery is available
  • Geo-positioning data

  • Wi-Fi points with passwords and coordinates
  • IP Connections
  • Locations
  • Navigation applications
  • Other device data

  • Global device settings, including Apple Store Id.
  • IMSI, ICCID, serial number, identification values