On Q Protection and Investigation Services (ONQPI) is the premier security firm providing professional physical security services to the legal medical cannabis industry in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding municipalities. ONQPI offers security solutions focusing on providing professional armed and unarmed security Operators for dispensaries locations, cultivation centers and operations, inventory and revenue transport, compliance oversight and workplace protection to the medical cannabis industry in the State of Illinois. ONQPI works within all federal, state and local laws and regulations for the medical use of marijuana and other cannabis derived products.

  • Security Officer Services
  • Individuals and businesses in the legal medical cannabis industry are often targets of theft, robbery and organized crime. ONQPI can provide uniformed and plain clothes Security Operators, Executive Protection details and other security services to protect individuals and their families from crime and other outside threats.

    ONQPI offers Uniformed Security Operators at dispensaries, cultivation centers, production facilities and distribution locations to protect employees, vendors and patients from crime and other threats. Our officers provide a highly visible deterrent to crime and actively work to prevent crimes from happening. Our professional Security Operators bring with them extensive experience from their previous careers as police officers, military personnel or special forces operators.

  • Transportation Services
  • ONQPI is the first security firm in Illinois to offer integrated transportation solutions for cash and medical cannabis product. Our highly trained officers can provide increase security for your cultivation center and dispensary by transporting your cash off-site to either a secure storage location or to your financial partners. Our transportation solution removes cash offsite and is transported in unmarked vehicles by trained officers.

    Knowledge is power. Knowing where your valuable assets are gives you the peace of mind to remain focused on business operations. Every one of our transports is tracked through GPS technology so you can know at a moment’s notice where your assets are. All transports are performed by highly trained officers in a unmarked vehicles.

    The unique legal environment for business and individuals working in the medical cannabis industry requires confidentiality and professional discretion. Our Security Managers, Uniform Security Operators and management staff all undergo extensive background checks and are individually vetted and trained to understand and protect the confidentiality and privacy of all our clients. We seek to make our clients successful by protecting assets, employees and patrons.

  • Protecting You Assets
  • Whether you have a single location or multiple sites around Illinois, ONQPI helps clients protect their assets and facilities by utilizing some or all of the following:

  • Investigative and assessment services
  • Security surveys
  • Advance team deployment
  • Escort services
  • Deployment of armed agents
  • Equipment coordination
  • Agency liaising
  • Gathering of intelligence

No matter where, when or how severe the situation may be, ONQPI has the expertise and the resources to maximize the protection of your assets.