Background checks are highly useful in a number of situations, a number of which involve a professional who will be working extensively in a consumer’s home. Other situations present opportunities for background checks even for those professionals who work in medical or educational fields. Overall, there are seven professions that require a background check more than any other. These professions demand more consumer trust and confidence than can be merited without one of these comprehensive checks of an individual’s reputation and, with extensive online tools, there’s no reason not to get one.

Medical Professionals

There are few people whose reputations and honesty matters more than those in the medical field. Whether it’s a nurse, a doctor, or even a plastic surgeon, consumers should conduct a thorough background search on any medical professional before they commit to that individuals’ care on a permanent basis. Background checks in this case can be pretty revealing, showing court documents and previous lawsuits that might serve as a red flag. Especially given the high risks and prices of modern day medical treatments, there is simply no reason to give any medical professional the benefit of the doubt when it comes to relying on their care and forthrightness.

Teachers and Tutors

There was a time when teachers were viewed as upstanding members of the community by default, and parents were content to give the the benefit of the doubt and resist any background checks that they might otherwise pursue. That time is long over, however, as headlines of teacher-student abuse and poor teacher credentials dominate major national news outlets. Consumers’ students deserve the best education possible, and sometimes that means doing a thorough background check and demanding better of a school district that maintains lackluster or ethically-challenged professionals.

A New Roommate

Roommates, just like tenants, can present quite a few problems that a background check will help to avoid. Roommates, too, can suffer from late bill payments and a tendency toward evictions. And they can present other problems, as well, like bringing crime or other issues into the home where they are certainly not welcome. A background check will reveal not only a potential roommate’s financial integrity, but also their overall personal integrity and honesty. This is the key to a successful, long-term roommate relationship that can benefit both parties in the deal.

The Babysitter

Sure, the babysitter applicants might all seem cherry and bubbly, but that’s an easy thing to do. Seeming like they possess integrity, honest, and a high sense of personal responsibility, on the other hand, requires a bit more finesse, dedication, and research. That’s where a background check comes in: A comprehensive online background check will reveal whether or not an applicant can be trusted with both a home’s possessions and a couple’s children.


Identity theft and erroneous public records reporting are two major crimes that cannot be seen, heard, or felt, in everyday life — until it’s too late. Doing a periodic self-background check can reveal credit reporting errors, employment and financial history errors, and other information that should be corrected in order to ensure long-term financial and personal health.

Plenty of Situations that Merit a Background Check

These 5 instances might be the most important ones for a background check, but they’re not the only cases where one is necessary. Nannies, housekeepers, and contractors, should all face a background check before they’re hired. So should a number of other professionals, at the consumer’s discretion. When in doubt, always investigate rather than bestow the benefit of the doubt. It will be beneficial in terms of both finances and household stresses.

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