A relationship is much more than just emotions. A relationship should be based on honesty and integrity. If you suspect your relationship to be a little too good to be true, this might very well be the case. It may be time to get some hard facts about your boyfriend or girlfriend before you lose more than just a piece of your heart.

Pre-Marital Relationship Warning Signs

If you are in a pre-marital relationship where you are uneasy, but are not quite sure why, you might have been seeing some warning signs that your relationship, no matter how wonderful it seems, is not quite right without understanding what those signs are.

Premarital Background Check

How does your friend deal with his or her past? Is the past spoken about freely or do you feel like you are pulling teeth to get a simple answer about a mundane question such as where he or she went to school? Does your friend avoid topics about childhood experiences or the recent past? If so, your friend might be hiding something from you.

Have you met your friend’s family? If not, are there legitimate reasons for this? Do you think that the excuse that “they are embarrassing” is weak? Sometimes, people are hiding their family because of what the family knows rather than trying to protect you from embarrassing situations.

Pre-Nuptial Investigations

Does your friend blame everyone else for the problems in his or her life? Is it the “ex” that trashed the credit, ruined relationships between your friend and the children, or sent your friend into a financial spin? There is sometimes a line between the truth and a reluctance to take any responsibility for one’s actions that people who are hiding something are reluctant to take.

Have you spent time with your friend’s buddies or business acquaintances? Do they seem grounded? Or is your friend reluctant to introduce you to other people in his or her life? While your friend might tell you that you are too special to share with other people, your friend might also be trying to keep you away from disreputable associates.

Pre-marital Investigators

Has your friend asked for a loan or to use your credit cards? Is your friend overly interested in your financial status? This could also be a very strong warning sign.

If your friend lives out of town, is he or she easy to contact? Do you only have office numbers or a cell phone number? Have you considered that your friend might already be married?

Are you starting to think that your friend’s behavior towards you is becoming more intrusive than you would like? Are you beginning to think that the constant wanting to know where you are and what you are doing, which initially seemed flattering, is bordering on obsessive? You need help right now.

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