ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Goldia Coldon continues to hold out hope in the search for her daughter Phoenix.

It was on December 18, 2011 when the 23 year old UMSL student went missing. Her 1998 Chevy blazer was found in East St. Louis with the engine running. Her glasses, purse, driver`s license and shoes were found inside. Phoenix’s phone and bank activity stopped.

The family has been working with private detectives and police to follow up on leads and one tip from Texas ended up costing them their life savings, health and now their home.

“They called in a tip saying that they thought that their relative might have our daughter.” said Goldia Coldon.

According to the family’s private investigator a man claiming to be Phoenix’s father created a fake Facebook page using her picture. The unnamed man also said he knew where the 23 year old was. The family invested money in pursuit of what appeared to be a good lead, but it all turned out to be a lie.

“It’s a scary thing because we thought that he might have Phoenix with him. The person he was presenting as his long lost daughter was a picture of Phoenix,” said Coldon.

The family continues to work with the Black and Missing Foundation and others in the search. They’ve also started a fund to help find Phoenix.

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