Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, can be used for more than just communication – they can become a valuable tool in your investigations. Using the latest technologies and applications, you can turn your mobile device into a handheld surveillance monitor. What if you could track down skips that are on the run – or hiding out – by pinpointing their exact location via satellite or BlueTooth signal? You can!

Here are some applications to help you get started:

1. Creepy: Albeit a startling name, this application allows you to gather geolocation-related information about a person from social networking platforms and image hosting services like Twitter and Flickr. The app searches a person’s account for pictures tagged with geodata and then displays the locations on a map.

2. Mobile Spy: mSpy from Mobile Spy lets you monitor, track, backup and access data. You can view photos, videos, text messages, contact lists, emails, calendar items, Web history, and more.

3. ToothTag: This technology from NeuAer allows you to track someone’s location using their mobile phone’s BlueTooth signal.

4. Spyera: Spyphone from Spyera uses GPS positioning to show the coordinates of a skip’s mobile device and its physical location on a map. You can configure your account settings to get real-time updates and display a skip’s travel route a certain periods of time.

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