Recently, Senate Bill 1422 was amended to increase opportunities for hunters. SB 1422, as amended in the House, would expand hunting opportunities in the Collar counties by allowing the use of crossbows during the deer archery season.

Sponsored by Senator Neil Anderson (R-36), SB 1422 passed the House as amended by a 103 – 12 vote on May 21, 2015. SB 1422 now awaits a concurrence motion on House Amendment 1 in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Experience in other states has shown that allowing the use of crossbows during hunting seasons helps retain and recruit hunters and does not have a higher success rate over vertical bows. NRA has always supported expanding on hunting opportunities when there is no biological reason to oppose them.

Also, crossbows would allow young hunters who do not yet possess the physical strength to use a vertical bow to go afield earlier and as a result, they would be more likely to recruit more family and friends into Illinois’ ranks of hunters.

Please call state Senator John Sullivan (D-47), chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, and urge a concurrence motion on House Amendment 1 to SB 1422.

Senator John M. Sullivan
(217) 782-2479

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