MILWAUKEE —A hospital worker from Milwaukee is accused of making purchases using credit card numbers gathered from the food court.

Court documents say Chazala Chesir, 27, made over $1,200 worth of purchases on credit cards obtained through the food court at Froedtert Hosppital in Wauwatosa.

According to the complaint, a woman visiting a family member ordered a meal from the hospital’s food service and gave her credit card number over the phone.

The woman told police that she noticed two purchases from a Pennsylvania clothing store on her credit card statement shortly after the hospital transaction.

Detectives met with hospital security, who identified Chesir as a suspect.

When questioned, Chesir told detectives that she took food orders at the hospital and wrote down the customer credit card numbers on a scrap of paper. She told police that she took a screenshot of the transaction to her work email address and used the information to make purchases away from work.

Chesir told police that she was supplementing her income as rent, student loans and raising her daughter were “getting to be too much.”

She faces six years in prison or $10,000 in fines if convicted of the felony charge.

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