I think having a child get lost or kidnapped would be any parent’s worst nightmare.

The closest thing I have to a child is my dog and I know if she went missing I wouldn’t be able to function.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s likely you’ll be out in crowded malls, busy public places, airports or doing holiday activities.

It’s easy for kids to slip away in a toy store or get separated in a big crowd.

It’s also possible that you could lose your luggage on a trip or get your purse stolen while out shopping.

I thought this might be a good time to review some personal GPS device trackers.

The idea came up during Halloween because of trick-or-treating but I’ve decided that when it comes to things that are most precious to you, keeping those things safe is important any time of year.

I’ve tested two small devices that you can use for your child, your pet, your car, your purse, your luggage, elderly people, anything you want to keep track of.

The two devices are are about the size of your keys, fun size candy bar, or a stick of gum.

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