An Australia man was arrested this week for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into a prison with a drone, police say.

The Victoria Police released a statement Monday, which said a man and woman were found in a car Sunday afternoon with “what was believed to be a drone with four engines and a small quantity of drugs.”

The 28 year-old man was arrested after the drone was hovering in the vicinity of a prison in Ravenhall, Sunday afternoon. He was charged with possession and attempting to commit an indictable offense and is due to appear in court next week.

A similar offense occurred in Brazil last Friday.

A small helicopter was used to drop about 250 grams of cocaine onto a local prison near São Paulo, Brazil, a GloboNews affiliate reported.

Four people were arrested in Georgia last November after a remote-controlled helicopter was used to fly tobacco into Calhoun state prison, according to BBC.

In Russia, four people planned to deliver 700 grams of heroin to a Tula region prison by an unmanned helicopter, but were caught and arrested before carrying out the act.

Aerial drones, often associated with the military, have been adapted for civilian use. They have been deployed widely by journalists and have been used to make small deliveries, from pizzas to medicines.

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