CHICAGO (WLS) — The ABC7 I-Team investigates a new law enforcement technology trend sweeping through the Chicago area. Local departments are gearing up with new tools designed to help fight crime in real time.

From cameras to wearable computers, new gadgets are not just helping you update your Facebook feed- they’re becoming vital tools for law enforcement.

New police gear is popping up across the Chicago area, from body-worn cameras at the Lake County Jail to new Taser cams carried by state police troopers. But is enough being done to look out for your privacy?

Chief Deputy Mike Walker’s traffic stops just got a brand new step. As he approaches a speeder, he flips a switch on his chest to turn on his new body-worn camera.

“We use them on all of the calls that we go to,” said Chief Deputy Walker, Dewitt County Sheriff’s Department.

Dash cams have been law enforcement tools for years, but now, police officers are being outfitted with wearable technology. The first step for many departments statewide lately has been body-worn cameras that catch in real time what’s really happening at a crime scene or on a hectic call.

“They don’t have to rely on what they’ve written down or their memory, they’ve got it on video,” said Chief Deputy Walker.

A tiny camera called the VievU, even helped Central Illinois’ Dewitt County Corrections officers catch an inmate who was faking shoulder problems.

“Well shortly after he went and had seen the nurse, one of our correctional officers observed him doing pushups in the cell so she turned on her VievU camera and got the video of that,” said Chief Deputy Walker.

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