The overwhelmingly successful results of the new microstamping study prove that this important technology belongs in the hands of law enforcement to help them catch violent criminals. Conducted by forensic firearm and scientific experts, the peer reviewed independent study showed that all 6 of the microstamped numbers and letters on an expended shell casing could be correctly identified 87% of the time.

Experts agree that for the more than 11,000 firearm aggravated assaults that have gone unsolved over the last 10 years in New York, microstamping will be an invaluable tool for law enforcement.

Here is an excerpt from the study:

“microstamping could enable tracking of fired cartridges in an efficient and timely manner.”

More than 80 police departments and law enforcement organizations from across New York support microstamping. Law enforcement officials are standing up to call for microstamping as it is ready as an effective and useful investigative tool to solve gun crimes.
Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler said, “Microstamping is an important tool that law enforcement across New York want and need. Connecting crime scene shell casings to the shooter will help us catch violent criminals, establish trafficking patterns and increase forensic intelligence. The overwhelmingly successful results of this new study confirm that microstamping is a tool that belongs in the hands of law enforcement today in order to keep our streets safe. I hope that this study will motivate our elected officials into taking action to pass microstamping this year.”

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