A Rock Hill woman says she found an old boyfriend living in the attic of her home after being released from jail recently.

A mother of five said her children are afraid to sleep in their own rooms after finding the man living in the attic of their home.

She asked Newschannel 36 not to identify her by name because her old boyfriend who was living in her attic is still on the loose, but said she heard a thump coming from the ceiling after she put her children to bed Saturday night.

“Then all the nails just popped out of the ceiling over my bed. Like ‘bing, bing, bing,’” said the woman.

Thinking it was an animal, she asked her older sons and adult nephew to check out what was happening upstairs.

“They found a man. He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit,” she said, adding that the man ran downstairs and out of the house before police could get there.

Officers did find several “Route 44″ Sonic cups filled with feces and urine in the attic. The man also appeared to have rigged the ceiling vents so he could see into the woman’s bedroom.

The only entrance to the attic is inside the home — in the hall that connects her children’s bedrooms.

Officers are trying to determine just how the suspect was able to get inside the house to go up in the attic each day.

The woman says she had broken off a relationship with the man years ago, though he had done some work on her home about a year ago.

He was convicted of stealing her truck earlier this year. He finished serving that sentence and was released from jail two weeks ago.

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