In an honest world where employees would never think of misdirecting employer’s funds into their own accounts or slipping a couple of twenties into their pocket at the end of their shift, new technology would be great.

Unfortunately, the development of three new gadgets meant to aid business owners and their workers to process credit and debit cards on the go has unknowingly created more tools for the dishonest employee and caused bigger headaches for business owners.

Teresa Moore, a manager at a family owned pub in Chicago only helped herself to the till every once in awhile when she was really short on a mortgage or car payment and a few times when she felt like splurging on herself at her bosses expense.

She easily withdrew cash from the daily deposits and covered her tracks but admitted that she was always nervous that a co-worker would catch on in such tight quarters around the pub.

But then one of her cousins, a waitress at another eatery, confided in her that she had found a credit card processing app for her smartphone online and tried it out at work a few times diverting customer payments into her own account. It was quick, silent and easy and the cousins quickly ordered a second device for Teresa’s phone.

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