Suspicion, dishonesty, and fear of deception can overwhelm a person’s psyche. He even tells you that you’re crazy and have nothing to worry about, but your womanly intuitions say that this guy is a sneaky, cheating, little prick. She reassures that the handsome guy from work is just a friend, but you know men well enough to know that he is just trying to get a piece of your honey. Are your accusations spot on or are they slowly killing your relationship? Like a magicians secrets revealed, here are the tell tale signs that your partner is cheating….

7 Jealousy and Insecurity

You reap what you sow. Those who find the slightest suspicion in the most obscure places are usually guilty themselves.

6 Remnants of Another Person

You’ve seen those CSI shows, look for traces left behind i.e. hair, make-up, perfume, cologne, hair clips, bobby pins, socks, dishes. I’m no forensic scientist, but strands of hair that appear in your bed, car, or on your clothing that isn’t mine, is sketchy.

5 Disinterest, Distant, and Distracted

General disinterest in intimacy may mean that they are being fulfilled elsewhere. If your partner seems distant or distracted, they may have that other person on their mind.

4 Atypical Nitpicking

If you notice your partner starting arguments over issues that are out of the ordinary, chances are that they are looking for excuses to leave you by projecting their guilt from cheating on to you.

3 Emphasis on Social Life

Having a social life outside of your relationship is absolutely encouraged, but when that social life becomes repeatingly more important than spending alone time together then that separate social life turns into a separate secret life.

2 Unhappiness

If there are no severe issues in your relationship, and your partner isn’t happy, then somebody else is making them happy. Simple as that.

1 The Confidential Cellphone

If your partner conceals the content of their cellphone like they are a top-secret, international spy, then most likely there are hints of an extracurricular relationship within that phone. Your are not apart of the CIA, relax.

I know its difficult to distinguish between insecurity and legitimate acts of infidelity, but make sure you choose a side. Constantly badgering your partner with accusations and suspicion gets exhausting. Either you believe your partner 100% or get to steppin’. Life is too short for the inbetween. Trust issues are difficult to overcome; take a step back and assess if these suspicions are a result of your own jaded past or if your partner is a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Take it or leave it.

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