Adam Hunter was left struggling to breathe after being repeatedly kicked in the head and stamped on in the city centre.

A judge has praised the prompt action of a security guard who may have saved the life of a student who was the victim of a horrific drunken gang attack in Birmingham.

He awarded Michael Miller £50 from public funds for his quick action in helping Adam Hunter.

Mr Hunter, who had been out celebrating after finishing his second year exams, was left struggling to breathe after being repeatedly kicked in the head and stamped on.

Fahim Choudhury, of Crowther Road, Erdington, Hassan Javeed, of Fox Hollies Road, and Amir Ahmed, of Rymond Road, Hodge Hill, all 21, who had previously admitted wounding Mr Hunter with intent, were all jailed for three and a half years.

Judge Stuart Rafferty QC said: “You were all drunk on a night out, like Mr Hunter, celebrating the completion of your exams, at least two of you.”

The judge said there had been an altercation and that the victim had been struck a “powerful” blow knocking him to the ground.

“If he was not unconscious by the time he hit the ground he was well on the way.

“He was quite defenceless and posed no threat to any of you.

“He was repeatedly kicked and stamped on. You left him lying in a pool of his own blood. If that security guard had not been trained, it he had not acted promptly and placed him in the recovery position it may be the case he would have died.”

Birmingham Crown Court heard that the attackers were later captured on CCTV in a group hug and congratulating themselves.

Patrick Sullivan, prosecuting, said the attack occurred around 4am on June 7 this year between Five Ways and Broadway as Mr Hunter, a keen rugby player, was walking home.

Rashad Mohammed, for Ahmed, a law student, had acted on the spur of the moment while Devon Small, for Choudhury said he had initially acted as a peace maker.

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