A petition has been posted online to improve security at Dallas’ NorthPark Center.

The petition, filed on change.org, is addressed to NorthPark Center General Manager Billy Hines and asks to “confirm all Northpark Center security cameras are operational & increase security escorts.”

The call for change comes after recent crimes at the popular shopping destination on US-75 in northern Dallas. Most recently, a woman was attacked in the NorthPark parking garage in broad daylight on Jan. 27.

Three suspects attacked Brittany Arterberry with pepper spray and tried to steal her purse, she said.

Late last year, an off-duty Dallas Police officer fired his weapon at two shoplifting suspects leaving the garage in their vehicle. Those suspects had a brush with a mall security officer, who jumped on the hood of the suspects’ vehicle to “avoid being run over” after failing to stop them.

The suspects were arrested five days later.

The change.org petition, posted Sunday, states that the center needs a more reliable way to contact security officers for assistance, and that fully functional security cameras would “deter future incidents.”

It had over 150 online signatures by 9 p.m.

Several commenters backed the petition, saying they want to feel safe at NorthPark. Some commented that they go to the mall with young children and aren’t comfortable with recent acts of violence there.

“There needs to be more security measures to stop these attacks from happening,” said one comment from a woman in Colleyville. “I’m too scared to go with my children to the mall until I see security measures increased.”

News 8 has reached out to NorthPark Center for a statement regarding the petition, but has not yet heard back.

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