JONESBORO, Ga. — Students in Clayton County heading back to school Monday will notice resource officers policing the campuses with body cameras.

Channel 2’s Darryn Moore talked to Clayton County school resource officers about the new cameras and what it means for privacy for the students.

Clayton County SRO Devon Greene said the goal is to use the cameras as an investigative tool.

“You can definitely use as a deterrent. And even if it does not prevent the act from happening, you have the actual event recorded,” said Greene.

The cameras will also have audio along with the video capabilities.

“The need for the camera is definitely for investigative reasons. Any time we have any incident that may occur inside or out of the school, it gives us an extra eye,” said Greene.

Several police departments around the state equip their officers with body cameras. Officer Devon Greene said it’s a deterrent and will hold students accountable for their actions.

Privacy is a concern; Georgia is a one-party consent state and the law allows for recording in public and only one party in the recording needs to consent.

“The community may have cell phones within their constitutional rights to record what they may, this is our constitutional right as well,” said Greene.

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