Safety agents recovered weapons, drugs and other contraband in and around city schools on 355 occasions from July 1 to Nov. 1, records show.

The safety agents seized knives, stun guns and illegal drugs from students at dozens of city schools, recovering 462 outlawed items in the period, according to the official tally obtained by the Daily News.

In one incident, a student at Brooklyn’s Boys and Girls High School was nabbed taking an 8-inch steak knife to class. In another, an agent busted a student carrying a machete at the Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies in the Bronx.

Local 237 President Gregory Floyd, whose union represents the school safety agents, said the alarming cases show how badly they are needed.

“These stats prove there is danger every day for our agents and our children,” said Floyd, whose union includes 5,000 active agents. “Our members keep New York City schoolchildren safe.”

he agents are employees of the NYPD and get much of the same training as police officers, but they do not carry weapons or wear bulletproof vests.

Among the outlawed items agents confiscated from students during the four-month period were 11 BB guns, 185 knives, 52 box cutters and 64 other weapons. Agents also discovered students with marijuana at school 67 times during that period.

Most of the incidents took place in the Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. They resulted in 30 arrests and 74 summonses.

The Franklin K. Lane High School building in Brooklyn and the Walton High School building in the Bronx, both of which house multiple schools, topped the tally with five incidents each of agents seizing weapons.

Mayor de Blasio unveiled a plan last Monday to overhaul school safety procedures, including a possible program to review the use of metal detectors in some schools.

But Floyd, who said he wasn’t consulted, has blasted the plan, and said it could create more safety risks by limiting scanning.

City Education Department officials said that school crime is down, with 27% fewer arrests and 15% fewer summonses issued by the School Safety Division in the 2014-15 school year as compared with the 2013-14 school year.

“We’re focused on ensuring the safety of every student and staff member,” said agency spokeswoman Devora Kaye. “We will continue to ensure students are in safe environments where they can learn and succeed.”

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