A security guard told today how he came to the aid of a teenager who was trapped under a double decker bus following a rush hour crash in Norwich by laying underneath the vehicle with the injured man.

Kiernan Broom, 22, has been praised by emergency services for his quick thinking on Tuesday afternoon after stopping to help the 19-year-old who he saw come off the pavement and under the bus which was packed with students at the time.

Within seconds of spotting the incident Mr Broom, who was heading out of the city, drove his car across the busy road and along the grass verge before leaping out of his car – with the keys in and engine still running – while on the phone to the emergency services.

The former Framingham Earl High School pupil said he told a “hysterical” woman who had also seen what had happened that he had called 999 and everything was going to be “all right” before looking up and seeing a bus full of students looking to get off the Konect Express vehicle.

He said: “I put my head through the door and screamed at them to stay on the bus and get back as they were bringing the weight of the bus down.”

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