ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —A Disney security officer won her civil lawsuit against Disney Friday in Orange County.

A jury ruled that the company discriminated against Camelia Joseph based on her national origin, which is Haitian.

Disney issued the following statement:

“We have a longstanding policy against workplace discrimination and believe none occurred here. We are pleased the jury awarded no damages.”

Joseph became emotional Wednesday as she testified that she repeatedly tried to earn a promotion in the security department at Walt Disney World and has worked there roughly 20 years.

She said she applied for promotions within the company at least seven times and was denied those advancements because of her Haitian background.

Joseph also testified that she saw workers who were less qualified than she earning promotions and higher salaries.

Disney officials vehemently deny that there was any discrimination, despite the fact that Joseph is one of six security department workers to bring legal actions against Disney in the past few years.

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