Detroit MI August 21 2015 Armored truck drivers say they have been forced to make their deliveries in moving vans leaving them unprotected.

Employees say the company’s marked trucks have already been targeted by thieves several times and they’re afraid for their safety.

A video shows a day at work for employees at Total Armored Car as a courier loads bags of cash getting set for delivery.

This is me and my partner he’s loading the money while I am recording it,” said a Total Armored Car employee.

But on the day of the video, the truck they are using isn’t as armored as the name would suggest – it’s a U-Haul truck.

“We had guys that worked there every day that would come in and find out what truck they were in,” said the employee. “They would call their girlfriends or wives and let them know it’s not an armored vehicle and if anything happens to me you know who to sue.”

“It’s crazy, it’s dangerous,” said another employee who wished to remain anonymous.

At least those are the allegations from two anonymous whistleblowers.

“I feel like they don’t care about my safety or my life,” the second employee said. “It’s about profit and business as usual.”

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