Mountain View CA Aug 30 2015 Mountain View police thanked the community for helping officers track down a suspect in an assault on a Walmart security guard, after anonymous tips led to the man’s identification and arrest.

The suspect allegedly put on a pair of new shoes and left the Walmart store on Showers Drive without paying.

The man entered the store early in the afternoon on Sunday, Aug. 16, and reportedly put on the shoes and started to walk out without paying, according to police. When Walmart security tried to detain him, the man swung his arms multiple times and hit one of the security officers in the face, according to police spokeswoman Shino Tanaka.

The Walmart security officer declined medical treatment.

Police later arrested Gabriel Zuniga, 26, of Mountain Vie in front of the 7-Eleven at 276 N. Whisman Road after posting his photo and asking for help identifying him.

“Thanks to our community for helping us track down this suspect who was arrested for a warrant related to this incident,” Mountain View police wrote in the department’s blog on Aug. 27.

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