LOUISVILLE, Ky. —University of Louisville officials hope to have officers wearing body cameras by Oct. 1.The university purchased 50 body cameras for about $42,000, a school spokesman said.

University of Kentucky patrol officers started wearing body cameras in July. Forty-eight cameras were purchased for the University of Kentucky, using roughly $38,400.

“The key thing is that the university police, like most of the law enforcement agencies across the country, see that they are a beneficial tool, not just for the police but as a protectionary tool for the general public as well,” said Sgt. Aaron Graham of the University of Louisville police.

The move is a pattern seen nationwide, following several controversial incidents involving officers. Many students on campus said they want the cameras.

“I think it’s a good idea, not just me being a minority, but also for the police officers. It gives them a chance to show their side of the story as well, because a lot of them are getting in trouble and not everybody knows the whole story,” said Brandy Ray, a Louisville student.

“It will help justify either the police actions of the actions by the civilians, when dealing with these types of situations,” said Tyler Snyder, a Louisville student.

Sophomore Shayan Khan recalled how a body camera video shaped the case involving a former University of Cincinnati officer, who is now charged with murder.

“If that were to happen, it would be easier to prosecute those people and bring them to justice,” Khan said.

Police said the body cameras will not record if the case involves a juvenile or a private situation that is not necessarily criminal in nature, but otherwise the cameras will be turned on.

“Anytime that we have general contact with any official duty, so any call for service, any report run,” Graham said.

Most LMPD officers are equipped with body cameras, except for officers in the sixth, seventh and eighth divisions.

Chief Steve Conrad said he hopes to have them there by the end of the year.

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