WASHINGTON - Shortly after 1 a.m. on Dec. 30, Montgomery County Police Officer Ben Crumlin was approached by a vehicle flashing its lights, honking its horn and traveling at a high rate of speed on Randolph Road, near Hammonton Place in Rockville, Md.

But the vehicle’s occupants were not fleeing from a violation of the law, nor were they trying to start trouble. They were in need of the officer’s help.

According to Montgomery County Police, the vehicle’s occupants were en route to the hospital because their infant was having trouble breathing. Officer Crumlin, a six-year-veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department, checked the infant and discovered the baby boy was not breathing at all, the Montgomery County Police Department reports.

Officer Crumlin administered CPR and was able to revive the baby, and fire and rescue units arrived and transported the baby to a local hospital. The baby was held for several hours, and was released later in the morning.

“Patrol officers never know what they face when they encounter a speeding vehicle at one o’clock in the morning. It may be nothing more than a traffic violation or it could be a robbery that just occurred. In this case, Officer Crumlin was called upon to use his medical training to save a life,” says Montgomery County Police Commander Don Johnson in a press release.

“Officer Crumlin’s training and experience and his ability to act quickly made a difference in this child’s life.”

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