£80,000 police station opened at Royal Blackburn Hospital last April
Security guards now given high-tech cameras to record potential attacks
Devices are switched off while guards walk around hospital wards
But in the event of an attack they can switch on and record any incidents

The first NHS hospital to establish a police station on site is now issuing security staff with body cameras to deter attacks.
Health bosses said they hope the move will reduce threatening behaviour at the Royal Blackburn Hospital in Lancashire, and help bring any offenders to justice.
The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, which also runs Burnley General and some smaller hospitals, reported 223 assaults on staff in 12 months from 2013 to 2014.
The figures showed assaults had almost doubled when compared with the year previously, when 114 attacks were recorded.

The £80,000 police station opened at the Royal Blackburn last April after frustration over the number of police call-outs.
Hospital guards will be kitted out with the high-tech devices as part of a new initiative to tackle the rising number of assaults and aggression against NHS workers.
During 2013/2014, aggressive incidents involved 30 of every 1,000 staff members at the hospital.

Jed Morris, security and governance manager for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: ‘This is a brilliant new initiative for the hospital and will really help to protect our patients and staff when they’re on our site.

All security officers will undertake thorough training to operate the equipment and the recording, storage and use of the video footage will comply with current law and guidelines.’
The cameras are around the size of a pack of cards and are worn on a security vest.
As officers patrol the hospital they are switched off.
But if a potentially violent or dangerous situation arises they can be switched on and instantly begin capturing the event.

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