More than 400 weapons and tools that could be weapons have been seized by security at Plymouth’s crown and magistrates courts in the last two years – including one replica firearm.

Security guards seize a range of items every day including drugs and alcohol, and objects which could be used as a weapon.

The figures have been released today by the Ministry of Justice following a Freedom of Information request.

Some months see the city courts finding a weapon once every other day, with objects that could be used as a potential weapons routinely held.

In total 177 weapons were seized at the two courts in the last two years and 226 tools were held when security thought they could be used as a weapon.

In May 2014 a replica firearam was found on one person at Plymouth Magistrates Court.

Knives are the most common seized weapons, with 10 knives with a blade longer than three inches found in October 2013 alone at Plymouth Magistrates Court – the biggest monthly haul for large blades.

There were also 10 smaller knives found at Plymouth Crown Court in June 2013 and in November 2014.

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