The security lines at many airports are long and slow, and it looks like the Transportation Safety Administration agrees.

The government agency has begun a pilot program using dogs to pre-screen passengers in security lines in an effort to hasten the pace of travel.

Most prominently at Denver International Airport, the dogs are in a trial at a few airports around the country. TSA agents are patrolling security lines and using the bomb sniffing pooches to clear people for expedited trips through security without removing shoes, emptying bags or dreaded pat downs, according to the agency.

Travelers, predictably, love zipping through lines in a fraction of the time they are prepared to wait.

‘If it makes it safer, I’m okay with it,’ one passenger told CBS Denver.

The use of dogs, for now, is randomized and limited to specific areas of the airports, and not all passengers will be screened with the canines, according to the station.

‘I’d be wiling to do something like that if it made me get through faster,’ another passenger told the station.

An aviation expert told the station that the dogs are very effective at finding explosives, adding ‘the only reason we take off our shoes and do all that over stuff is because the other machinery really doesn’t know how to look at it. So this makes a lot of sense for everybody.’

The program is also being piloted in Honolulu, Indianapolis and Tampa, according to the TSA.

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